We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.
The previous site served us well but due to technological evolution, it was necessary for us to walk with the times and to embrace the changes that come with advancement.

With this new website we hope to take advantage of the most current tools to make our services more accessible to all our stakeholders. Although the design of the site looks vastly different, we have kept all the resources that we have created over the years while we have also added a few new features to make it more accommodative to current needs.


We distribute and supply electricity in a sustainable manner that contributes to socio-economic development


CENORED, a sustainable business adding value to our stakeholders

Values [I.ProTeC.S]

We shall always be honest in everything we do and be un-wavering in our quest of upholding ethical business principles.

We are defined by our commitment to excellence and therefore we shall do things right first time, every time!

CENORED is the coming together of the most competent people in the ESI. Therefore, we value each individual’s very special and unique contribution to our collective effort in exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Customer Service
We believe that ‘service’ is an attitude. We shall devote our vocations and daily energy and efforts to value adding servitude.

We shall never harm anyone that either work for us or that we serve.