“We exist to distribute and supply electricity in a sustainable manner that contributes to the socio-economic development”

CENORED is the 3rd licensed regional electricity distribution company to be established in Namibia, after NORED and Erongo RED in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

CENORED license area covers the Otjozondjupa and Kunene regions and has a customer base of approximately 42 000 customers and distributes electricity to various towns and settlement areas of central-northern Namibia over an area of approximately 120 000 square kilometers and 8 000 kilometres line infrastructure. 201 dedicated men and women are employed by CENORED, as we strive to make a meaningful contribution to the socio-economic development of Namibia through the provision of reliable electricity services to our customers”.



We distribute and supply electricity in a sustainable manner that contributes to socio-economic development

CENORED’s mission is rooted in its core mandate, which is to distribute and supply electricity within its designated area. It further embodies key objectives driving EDI restructuring in Namibia which place sustainability and efficiency high on the agenda with the context of electricity contributing directly and significantly to the economic growth and development of the country.


CENORED, a sustainable business adding value to our stakeholders

CENORED’s vision expresses the challenges experienced by the company to achieve financial sustainability. As a result of cash flow challenges CENORED has found it difficult to meet stakeholder expectations such as improving access to electricity. Achieving and sustaining financial sustainability is the key goal of CENORED, and achieving that goal will enable the company to add substantial value to its stakeholders.


Values [I.ProTeC.S]


We shall always be honest in everything we do and be un-wavering in our quest of upholding ethical business principles.



We are defined by our commitment to excellence and therefore we shall do things right first time, every time!



CENORED is the coming together of the most competent people in the ESI. Therefore, we value each individual’s very special and unique contribution to our collective effort in exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Customer Service

We believe that ‘service’ is an attitude. We shall devote our vocations and daily energy and efforts to value adding servitude.



We shall never harm anyone that either work for us or that we serve.

CENORED’s values express an aspiration to achieve high ethical standards in its operations, to focus on serving its customers, to build a team of competent staff and to place priority on the safety of staff and the public.