Bursary Scheme Description




    1. The company will avail funds for a bursary scheme to give selected Namibian students the opportunity to acquire tertiary qualification at an accredited institution of higher learning to enable them to fill positions as per the company’s need or the needs of the Namibian market.


Bursary assistance will be provided for the following:

2.1 The bursary scheme, as a rule, will cover studies at Namibian or South African universities and technikons and only awarded to learners who have obtained above average passes in the final Grade 12 examinations on a higher level/ ordinary level.

2.2 Full registration, tuition and examination cost for the selected course

2.3 Cost of prescription books and equipment but excluding computer equipment, typing, and the editing and binding of research papers and thesis.

2.4 Board of lodging of the student at the institution‘s residence. If the student is boarding at another residence, excluding the parents’ home, board and lodging equal to that of the institution‘s residence will be paid.

2.5 Traveling expenses equivalent to the Main Liner rates to and from the institution to the home town at the beginning and end of the academic year, including one (1) midyear break.

2.6 Payment of study permit and medical aid if not covered by the parents’ medical aid

2.7 A student allowance of N$ 750.00.00 per month for eleven months only as pocket money.



To be legible for a bursary an applicant should:

3.1 Be a Namibian Citizen

3.2 Have an excellent academic history supported by a favourable report by the principal of the last school attended or if already attending a tertiary institution, by the Head of department concerned. It’s a requirement that a pass in Mathematics and Physical Science be graded A or B for science qualifications.

3.3 Comply with the University/NUST entry requirements for the proposed field of study.

3.4 Be prepared to appear before an Interviewing Panel of the Company.

3.5 School leavers and existing Higher Learning Institution students from Otjozondjupa region including Tsumeb and the immediate surrounds in the Oshikoto Region and Kamanjab, Outjo and Khorixas and surrounds in the Kunene Region will enjoy priority.

3.6 Are not holders of another bursary or study loan from any other organisation/institution.

3.7 Where children of employees or Board members are also applicants, an independent person/consultant shall be appointed to the panel to ensure fairness and prevent any possible bias.



4.1 All training and education programmes funded by the Company are subject to company staffing needs and availability of the budgeted training funds. The Bursaries will be awarded to deserving students who wish to pursue studies in the following fields of study;

4.2 B Degree or BTech Degree in Electrical Engineering with specific emphasis on Heavy Current/Power Engineering.

4.3 National Diploma in Electrical Engineering with specific emphasis on Heavy Current/Power Engineering.

4.4 The bursaries are tenable at the University/ Polytechnic of Namibia unless the field of study is critical to the company and the equivalent qualification cannot be sourced in Namibia.

4.5 Other fields of study, including economics, accounting and management will be considered.



5.1 Adverts will be placed in the press inviting prospective students to apply for bursaries and giving details of such bursaries. The said adverts will also be sent to the offices of the regional director of education in the regions CENORED operates in

5.2 Applications forms will be available at the Human Resources Department

5.3 An Interview panel appointed by the Executive Manager Corporate Services will interview shortlisted applicants. The panel will consist of interdepartmental line managers.

5.4 Successful candidates will be notified in writing in good time before the closing of registration for the registration at the various institutions.

5.5 Successful applicants will be required to submit certified copies of their highest qualifications, ID and supporting documents proof of provisional admission to the institution.

5.6 Successful applicant and his/her guardian will be required to sign a CENORED bursary agreement that stipulates the following;

      1. At the discretion of CENORED, to work for CENORED for the equivalent number of years for which the assistance was granted and received;
      2. That if CENORED is unable to accommodate graduates, they shall take up alternative employment in Namibia only for the equivalent period, in which case, they shall not be liable to repay the bursary;
      3. To repay the monies granted with interest calculated at prevailing prime rate over the equivalent number of years for which the monies were received, if they do not complete their studies;
      4. CENORED is not obliged to provide employment to bursary-holders on completion of their studies nor to assist them in finding employment;



6.1 Registration and tuition fee will be paid directly to the institution.

6.2 The company will issue a cheque/EFT in favour of the institutions fees charged by it on a six month basis or subject to the institutions requirements.

6.3 In the instances where the student has already paid some of the costs, which would normally have been paid under the Bursary Scheme, proof in the form of original receipts must be submitted to the Company , where after the student will be reimbursed.

6.4 The student allowance will be paid to the Bursars in monthly installments and for this purpose the student will be required to provide the company with his/her banking details.

6.5 If the Bursars is not boarding at the institutions residence, payments will be made to the Landlord six monthly in advance, on condition that he/she provide a reciept from the landlord.



7.1 Results for all exams and test should be submitted throughout the academic year.

7.2 During the mid-year break,the bursars will be required to under go experiental training as may be determined by the company.

7.3 He/She shall subject him/herselves to the Rules and Code of Conduct of the institution.

7.4 He /She may not receive any financial assistance from another company. on the same condition as agreed with CENORED.

7.5 Not to accept any other self-study, loan or other form of financial assistance without the prior written approval of the Company

7.6 The full amount will become payable over a period equal to the number of months for which the bursary was utilised if the bursar fails the examinations.

7.7 A Bursar who fails to complete his/her studies will not be considered again for the awarding of a bursary.

7.8 To ensure that after registration he/she faxes his/her tuition statement as soon as possible to the Human Resources Officer for timeous payment of the account or update.



8.1 The renewal , suspension and cancellation of a bursary will be at the sole discretion of the Company and the bursar will be notified in good time of such decision.

8.2 The bursary will be for one(1) year only subject to renewal on receipt of satisfactory reports regarding academic progress and conduct during the full period of the course.

8.3 Where a student has failed a year and has been granted permission by the institution to repeat the year, the bursary will be suspended for that year. The bursary may be reinstated for the following year subject to receipt of satisfactory reports regarding academic progress



9.1 Uponcompletion of studies, CENORED shall have the first option to employ the student for a minimum period equal to the number of years he/she has received funding and where CENORED has no vacancy, CENORED shall waiver its right provided the candidate takes up employment within Namibia.

9.2 Should the bursar leave the employment before the expiry of the agreement, he/she will be liable to repay the outstanding amount pro-rated at the prevailing interest rate.